Board of Advisors


Isabel Donadio, Founder

Isabel Donadio is the founder of Talent Support Services, the majority owner of Speaker House Publishing, the best selling author of Finishing is Happiness and the winner of the 2019 TWC Most Outstanding Rising Star Award. Deserving of any “Top 30 Under 30” list Isabel specializes in supporting and promoting expert authors and speakers all over the world.

Her experience includes everything from red-carpet interviewing, event planning, social media marketing, best seller campaigning and public speaking. Bottom line, Isabel has a talent for making her clients look good and allowing them to focus on the things they love most about their business.


Anniece Acker, CEO

Anniece is a serial entrepreneur, sought-after business solution strategist, transformational leader, national speaker, and a mentor to mission-driven entrepreneurs around the world. Anniece helps business owners create the systems, hire and inspire the teams and identify the game-changing strategies that enable your business to scale and truly support the lifestyle and impact you want. She’s a visionary on a mission to inspire people to create a life by their own design.

Gerald Rogers

Gerald Rogers is a transformational leader, speaker and coach that has trained thousands of individuals how to discover their purpose, step into their power and learn how to make their purpose driven businesses profitable and LIVE BIG.

His commitment is to leading and inspiring individuals to AWAKEN to their Divine Authentic Power and to Liberate them through Financial Freedom.

In a mission to teach people HOW TO CREATE FINANCIAL FREEDOM WHILE DOING WHAT THEY LOVE AND LIVING THEIR PURPOSE over the last several years he has led over 100 seminars, teleseminars and events training principles including the following:

  • How to Discover and Live Your Soul Purpose and Live in PERSONAL POWER
  • Understanding your PERSONALITY and living in harmony with your SOUL SCRIPT
  • How to Master Your Mind and Program Your Subconscious to work FOR you rather than against you.
  • The CLEAR GOAL Achievement System for Maximum Performance and Success
  • Peak Performance Strategies of TOP PRODUCERS
  • How to Increase Your Confidence and Lead with Power
  • How to Overcome Limiting Beliefs and Self Sabotage
  • How to Build, Nurture and Grow Thriving Relationships
  • How to Lay a Solid Foundation for a Purpose Driven Business
  • MODERN MARKETING Strategies for the Purpose Driven Entrepreneur
  • Internet Marketing and Social Media Fundamentals
  • AUTHENTIC SALES skills to influence, lead, serve and make money
  • STRATEGIC SYSTEMS to leverage, automate, grow your business for maximum profit and minimal stress

Dave Vanhoose

Dave VanHoose is a master platform sales trainer. His masterful execution of sales presentations is evident in his own success, and in that of his students. Dave is a mentor and speaker coach to some of the most experienced speakers in the seminar industry. He masterfully takes a seasoned veteran and amplifies their platform abilities to new levels.

His leadership and sales abilities took his first seminar based sales company, Foreclosures Daily, to number 35 on INC Magazines list of 500 Fastest Growing Private Companies. Within 3 years, Dave’s company had 100 employees, over $30 million in revenue, and was producing 50-100 seminar events per month!

Dave is a true example of a winning spirit. He attributes his success to his ability to accept nothing less than the best, and to his commitment to a mindset of abundance. It’s this same focus on excellence that allowed him to play a critical team role during the 2003 Tampa Bay Storm Arena Bowl (XVII) World Championship season! His insistence on strong mental and physical commitment has provided him with the ability to overcome many obstacles, including complete paralysis at the age of 29. Dave has focused his business life and his latest venture,, on motivating world-class people to achieve more than they ever thought possible. His own achievements have led him to channel his success and energy into his new charity foundation.

Jeff Spenard

Jeff Spendard has over 20 years of broadcast media experience and is currently the owner of World Talk Radio, LLC, home to the VoiceAmerica Talk Radio and TV Networks. Mr. Spenard is the former president of Madavox’s Internet Radio division and also served on the board of directors. Jeff has worked with over a thousand industry professionals to help them establish a foothold within the media community. Following several years of development and syndicating programs, he realized the opportunity to navigate his experience towards internet-based radio and became one of the leading minds in the industry.

In time, Mr. Spenard rose to the level of Network Director, Vice President, President and now CEO of World Talk Radio, LLC. Jeff has worked to develop over 1,000 radio programs and has expanded his business into Internet TV where he has developed 22 channels and other multimedia divisions.


Ryan Long

Ryan Long is an American entrepreneur and founder of City Gala and City Summit. Long is best known as a fundraiser for charitable organizations. Long’s events include celebrities and honorees The Hollywood Reporter, Forbes, The Huffington Post, Variety, Inc., Entrepreneur, ET, Billboard, Medium, Thrive Global, and Press Pass LA.

In 2012, Long had an idea to bring President Bill Clinton to Hollywood during the week of the Academy Awards. Long also developed the idea of providing a platform for Oscar winner James Cameron to support an upstart charity named Community Inspiring Today’s Youth(CITY), on the evening of the Academy Awards. Through the Philanthropy United campaign, Long was instrumental in an event that helped raise funds and awareness for multiple foundations at Unite4:humanity 2014 in Los Angeles, California.

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